Why Women? Why?

Hello, folks!  Welcome to what promises to be an exciting, entertaining, and possibly infuriating ride.  Namely, I am taking a course called Women in American History, and within these cyber-effective walls, I will be sharing with you all about my experiences involving the world of women’s history (in the US).

But Maggie, you ask, why must you study women’s history?  Why?  Didn’t you get enough real history in high school?  Don’t you already know the basic chronology of military engagements that the US has gotten into since Virginia Dare disappearedin the 1580’s?  What is the value of studying women’s history?

Gender distribution in the USA, based on the 2000 census, thanks to NationalAtlas.gov

I’m glad you asked.  Women’s history is this epic smorgasbord of awesomeness that illuminates the hidden lives of over half of the earth’s population (at least, usually over half of the earth’s population).  In just one county in the United states in the span of ten years, so much happens to so many different people, and all of it is important, at least in my opinion.  All too often, when we who attended a public school in the US get a very narrow and often inaccurate version of history taught to us.  I remember being in ninth grade and going through the book Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen in the gifted program (intensive topics seminar!), and being dumbstruck by how much important stuff we were missing.  Helen Keller was an active socialist?  Woodrow Wilson had suffragists unconstitutionally arrested and imprisonedWhat is going on here???

What’s going on here is some systematic fibbing and airbrushing to our history.  And by golly, that is not okay!  And believe it or not, it has taken me from my freshman year of high school to my senior year of college to have a course dedicated to filling in the gaps.

Which brings me to this:  I am inviting you, oh diligent reader, to follow me on this journey between the lines of demarcation and across the borders of politically dominated history into the world inhabited by women.  It’s a world that’s always been there and will always be there, so it’s about time we take the time to interact with it.

Welcome to Maggie Sees Women’s History.

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2 thoughts on “Why Women? Why?

  1. […] the map of gender ratios in the United States that I put up in my previous post?  For the most part, in 2000, male/female ratios hovered around 52% on either side (more males or […]

  2. Big Mommu says:

    I was looking at the map and it looks to me that the places near where I live that have more men than women – also have numerous state prisons for men. For a minute I thought that it was funny that we lived in a more male part of our home state, but then I realized that those really aren’t free range males…

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